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News // Поиск по тегу 'urals'

Venezuela turns to ally Russia for crude oil imports

Venezuela is increasingly turning to Russia for oil, as a dramatic fall in its crude output is pushing the country to import crudes for its refineries.

13 February 2018 , 14:09Neftegaz.RU0

European refiners could ditch poor quality Russian crude

European reviewing how much Russian crude they would buy and at what price.

07 February 2018 , 16:07Tsvetana ParaskovaNeftegaz.RU0

Russia's federal budget may move into surplus due to higher oil prices

Russia’s Finance Ministry to return to surplus this year due to higher than expected oil prices.

18 January 2018 , 12:09Neftegaz.RU0

Russian oil variety Urals increased by 26.6% in 2017

The price of the Russian oil variety Urals increased by 26.6% in 2017.

11 January 2018 , 10:10Neftegaz.RU0

Russia warns over Urals crude oil quality

The quality of Russia's key Urals crude exports towards Europe will continue to fall next year.

21 November 2017 , 16:06Neftegaz.RU0

Russia keeps top spot as China’s №1 сrude supplier

Russia continued to be China’s biggest crude oil supplier in July for a 5th consecutive month.

24 August 2017 , 10:10Neftegaz.RU0

Shell says Russian oil must be considered for Brent benchmark

Royal Dutch Shell, the world’s largest oil trader, said the time has come to debate using Russian crude to help determine the global Brent benchmark.

15 May 2017 , 00:02Neftegaz.RU0

Korean oil companies diversifying their import sources to the US and Russia

Oil companies in South Korea, which imports 80% of the oil it uses from the Middle East, are diversifying their import sources to the United States and Russia.

24 April 2017 , 15:33Neftegaz.RU0

Non-OPEC cutback participant Russia sees oil at $40/bbl heading into 2018

Russia said that it sees Urals at an average of $50 per barrel this year, but falling to $40 at the end of 2017 and staying near that level until 2019.

27 March 2017 , 17:39Neftegaz.RU0

Saudis and Angola overtake Russia in January exports to China

Saudi Arabia has regained its position as top oil supplier to China in January, overtaking Russia which was last year’s biggest supplier to China after having pushed the Saudis from the top spot.

27 February 2017 , 10:38Neftegaz.RU0

China boosts russian oil imports as Brent/Dubai spread shrinks

China’s independent refiners, the so-called teapots, are importing Russia’s Urals grade with the drop in the Brent/Middle East spreads.

15 February 2017 , 18:00Tsvetana ParaskovaNeftegaz.RU0

Russian economy hinges on $40 Oil, Finance Minister warns that freeze talks won't have desired outcome

At least one major nation producer attending the OPEC´s  freeze talks this week has indicated that higher oil prices would be counterproductive to its own fiscal policies; in fact, Russia's economic future is said to revolve around crude prices at the $40 level.

26 September 2016 , 17:41Neftegaz.RU0

SOCAR suspends cogeneration plant project in Turkey

Head of Turkish petrochemical complex Petkim told that Azerbaijan’s oil company SOCAR has suspended the project for construction of a cogeneration plant Petkojen in Turkey due to technical reasons.

08 September 2016 , 16:18Neftegaz.RU0

Russia May Raise Oil Export Duty 4.7% in December on Urals Price

Russia may raise its duty on regular crude exports as much as 4.7 percent and on shipments with a discounted rate as much as 9.7 percent on Dec. 1 after Urals prices rose

11 November 2010 , 09:45Bloomberg0

Itera Abandons Foreign Projects

Russian independent gas producer Itera plans to give up some foreign projects

27 March 2009 , 09:05Ksenia KochnevaRIA Novosti0

Urals — опорная нефть державы

Средняя цена российской нефти Urals на мировом рынке в январе-октябре выросла на 46.7% по сравнению с аналогичным периодом прошлого года и составила $49.9 за баррель
24 November 2005 , 10:550

Russia To Export Better Oil Blend On Higher Price

Russia may increase the price of its export crude oil with a new higher quality blend
21 October 2005 , 11:510

Russian Govt Raised Urals Crude Price

All revenues received from oil exports above the cutoff price will be used for...
17 October 2005 , 09:580

President Cries For The Moon

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers that he was unsatisfied...
17 August 2005 , 09:460

Urals Gold Producer To Boost Volume

Gold miner Yuzhuralzoloto form the South Urals, Russia, plans to increase..
14 May 2005 , 14:000