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Navigant contributes to the long-term global energy plan at the World Gas Conference

01 June 2015 , 17:30Neftegaz.RU873

The long-term global energy plan and the role of natural gas will be debated this week by some of the World’s most senior industry leaders, at the 26th World Gas Conference (WGC) in Paris. 

The WGC sponsored by the International Gas Union, is one most important energy industry gatherings, attracting representatives from across the industry including policy makers and professionals from more than 100 Countries.


The topics and discussions will address many diverse issues, including some of the most pressing energy challenges.  At a pivotal point for the industry, the WGC will seek to address the major gas and transition fuel issues, the development and application of new technologies and progress towards a sustainable global energy mix.


President of the France, Francois Hollande, will be addressing the official opening ceremony.

Nick Allen and Gordon Pickering, Directors from Navigant’s Global Energy Practice will be presenting at this year’s conference.  Nick Allen will present a new operational framework on how to successfully develop and establish LNG as a heavy duty transport solution any chosen geography, attacking the critical challenge of how to line up all the necessary players in the supply chain.


“Past experience informs us that the development of new fuels and transport solutions are fraught with complex challenges which require cooperation from a network of industry players in order to deliver the necessary integrated offer to customers. This raises the question, what would it take to change the paradigm and accelerate the creation of new markets for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a heavy duty transport fuel?” asked Nick.


Recent research from Navigant positions North America as the largest natural gas producer in the world, as well as the largest producer of ‘total oil’, Petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons, and the 3rd largest producer of crude oil.   As a result of a technological breakthrough, unconventional gas shale has made natural gas abundant and economical.  Additionally, gas shale has become increasingly coveted for its’ ability to increase energy reliability while maintaining a cleaner environment and the resultant health benefits. Gordon Pickering will present these latest insights and will discuss the impact of globalisation of the gas market through LNG.


“The transformation of Gas Shale in the US has already had important positive impacts on fundamental matters such as global warming, health and economics with much more to come.” Gordon Pickering.  “What we have seen today is a technology breakthrough so potentially impactful that it may go down as the most important development in the energy sector in the last century”.

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