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News // Nuclear power

Russia could offer India world's most advanced nuclear reactor technology

22 June 2017 , 14:15Dipanjan ChaudhuryNeftegaz.RU1045

Nuclear power generation may no longer be an attractive proposition in certain pioneering countries in the sector primarily owing to bankruptcy issues. But Russia continues to invest in this form of energy and now possesses world’s most advanced (Generation 3 +) reactor in Novovoronezh, about 600 kms from Moscow.


The generation 3+ reactor at the 6th unit of Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant (NVNPP) is the world’s 1st to be built using post-Fukushima safety standards and has an automated system in case of an emergency, officials of Rosatom, Russia’s apex nuclear body told ET.


The technology in Novovoronezh is being offered to Bangladesh for its maiden nuclear power plant and could be offered to India for the 2nd Russian built 6 set of reactors.


Novovoronezh is one of the oldest nuclear power plants in Russia and is located in Central Russia.

It is Russia's 1st nuclear power plant with Water-Water Energetic Reactors (VVER).


The 1st reactor was commissioned in 1964. At the moment, there are 3 operating units at the power station.

Construction work is underway for a 7th reactor which is expected to be commissioned in 2018.


The main feature of the technology in NVNPP Generation 3 + reactor is the use of additional passive safety systems that do not require the intervention of nuclear power plant personnel.


Presently 3+ generation nuclear power units are being constructed in the USA and France.

However, it is the Russian power unit № 1 of NVNPP-2 that became the 1st new generation nuclear power unit in the world put into industrial operation.



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