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SOCAR: Change in gasoline prices to accelerate modernization of oil refining industry

17 July 2017 , 10:29Neftegaz.RU836

The change in AI-92 gasoline prices will support Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR in accelerating the modernization of the oil refining industry, said SOCAR´s Vice President for Refining David Mammadov, Azerbaijan’s Trend reported on July 16, 2017.


«As a result, the domestic demand for oil products in Azerbaijan will be fully met by 2040,» he said.

Mammadov said that earlier, the price on oil products, in particular, gasoline and diesel fuel, increased in the country in December 2013.


«If we compare that price in dollar terms with today's price, we will see that the price was very low until July 14,» he said. «SOCAR is currently implementing large-scale projects. In particular, modernization and reconstruction work is underway in the oil refining industry. Of course, funds are required.»


«As the funds are required for all these projects, we proposed to increase gasoline prices, as the company's internal capabilities are limited,» Mammadov said. «Taking into account that currently around 72 % of the country’s oil products are sold on the domestic market and revenues obtained from the sale in manat and dollar terms sharply dropped, we have certain difficulties in the modernization of the oil refining industry.»


Mammadov also added that the gasoline price is always lower in the countries having oil refining industry compared to others.

«Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan can be cited as example,» he said. «If we imported AI-92 gasoline today, according to our calculations, it would cost 1.05-1.08 manat on the condition that the government would exempt its imports from various customs duties, namely, excises, customs duties, etc.»


«Azerbaijan imports Premium gasoline and its free price, as it is known, is quite high in the market,» he said. «As a result of the oil refining development, AI-92 gasoline mainly used by the population will be as cheap as possible.»



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