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Mazeikiu Nafta Implements Environmental Protection Projects Reducing Emissions

09 November 2001 , 10:55562
Mazeikiu Nafta has started implementation of a number of projects to reduce environmental air emissions over 2001-2003. Company executives approved a series of measures to reduce emissions on September 25 and two projects have already been completed.
A floating pontoon cover was installed inside one of the refinery's gasoline storage tanks in order to reduce gasoline evaporation. Floating pontoon covers reduce evaporation by at least 95 percent. This should lower evaporation losses for this single tank by approximately 160 tons of gasoline per year. Two more pontoon covers will be installed during the next few months.
As part of the emissions reduction efforts, specialists have also completed replacement of a catalyst at one of the refinery's sulfur production units. The catalyst participates in the chemical reaction extracting the elemental sulfur from the oil products, thus reducing the poisonous sulfur emissions to minimum.
According to Jerry Langley, Mazeikiu Nafta's director for work safety and environment, "Mazeikiu Nafta plans additional measures to reduce air pollution as we increase the volumes of crude oil refined by the company and improve diesel fuel and gasoline quality in compliance with new EU requirements."
The plan also includes modernization of the rail car loading rack by installing a closed loading system and three projects to reduce emissions at different sulfur production units. Mazeikiu Nafta will spend 104 million Litas implementing its plan for environmental air pollution reduction through 2003.

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