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Sebastian Kurz: Austria supports the Nord Stream 2 project

01 March 2018 , 10:09Neftegaz.RU1231

On February 28, 2018, Vladimir Putin met for the 1st time in Moscow the new Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. The meeting gives an important political signal, because Russia was the 1st non-EU country which was visited by Kurz.


Sebastian Kurz said that Vienna supports the Nord Stream 2 project, after holding talks with Vladimir Putin. «Austria is highly positive on this project», Kurz said. Both countries traditionally have close ties and the new Austrian coalition is considered to be friendly to Russia.


«You know our position - we support implementation of this project, which is undoubtedly absolutely depoliticized. It is purely economic and, moreover, a purely commercial project. The participants calculate their profits in losses from its implementation and conclude it is feasible», Vladimir Putin noted.


Austria is a major buyer of Russian gas and provides for its transit to other European countries. This June we are marking 50 years since the 1st delivery of gas from the Soviet Union to the Austrian market. Throughout the years, both countries has made a significant contribution to the energy security of the entire European continent.


«The upcoming anniversary clearly illustrates Russia’s reputation as a reliable energy supplier. Let me note that our Austrian partners have become involved in some new large infrastructure and energy projects«», Putin said


Russian investments to Austria’s economy reached $23 billion, while Austrian investments into Russia’s economy accounted for $5 billion.


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