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Poroshenko: Investment in Nord Stream 2 means support for collapse of a united Europe

22 May 2018 , 10:11Neftegaz.RU769

Kiev, May 22 - Neftegaz.RU. Russia’s gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 is a geopolitical project of the Kremlin, which has nothing to do with economic and business interests, but aims to destroy the unity of Europe, according to Ukrainian Interfax the country´s President Petro Poroshenko has said.


In his article for Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , which was published on May 18, Poroshenko emphasized that Nord Stream 2 is a tragic mistake of a historical scale with unthinkable consequences.


«This is an absolutely geopolitical project of the Kremlin, which has nothing to do with economic and business interests, and is aimed, first and foremost, at the destruction of the unity of Europe and, subsequently, its subordination. This has always been the ideology of the Russian energy policy. Today there are no grounds to think differently, until Russian aggression against Ukraine and the West is not actually stopped, and the Kremlin begins to respect international law and order,» the president wrote.


Poroshenko expressed confidence that under the current circumstances any large-scale pan-European project with the Kremlin would mean pacification of the aggressor, rather than a manifestation of force. And as soon as Nord Stream 2 is filled with Russian gas, «the Kremlin will not refrain from an even more brutal attack on our common values.»


«Even worse, it will give Russia an advantage,» Poroshenko said. In addition, he warned of trust in the promises of «bright dividends» of the Kremlin.


«Do not believe that Gazprom intends to adhere to the agreements. Its reliability has been significantly compromised, and the last example is the failure of Gazprom to recognize the Stockholm arbitration decision in favor of Ukraine. It’s hard to be a reliable partner when you are called to be an energy lever of the Kremlin in its geopolitical games,» Poroshenko said.


«Thus, investment in Nord Stream 2 is investment in the disintegration of Europe. Does Europe really need another such gas pipeline with Russia?”» he said.



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