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New Tenders for Development of West Qurna-2

20 July 2018 , 14:55Neftegaz.RU714

Russian oil company Lukoil  has published tenders for two projects at its West Qurna-2 oilfield.

Lukoil reported this on July 20, 2018


Russian oil company Lukoil has published tenders for two projects at itsWest Qurna-2 oilfield:

- Decentralised Water Injection Facilities;

- Gas Turbine Power Plant Expansion.


Interested companies have until 23rd July to apply for documents, and bids will be accepted until 23rd August.


Oil and Gas Fields: West Qurna 2

Name: West Qurna 2

Controlled by Ministry of Oil (Baghdad).

Location: Around 65 km NW of the city of Basra.

Discovery: 1973

Reserves: 13 billion barrels of oil

Quality: 21.3°API Gravity.

Developed byLukoil (75%), South Oil Company (25)

Contract granted: 2009

Contract duration: 25 years.

Remuneration: $1.15 per barrel of oil from a production level of above 120,000 bpd

Plateau production target: 1.8 million bpd


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