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Achimgaz, the JV between Wintershall and Gazprom, is celebrating its 15th anniversary

03 September 2018 , 15:19Neftegaz.RU581

Novy Urengoy, September 3 - Neftegaz.RU.  The Russian-German joint venture Achimgaz is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The project developed by Gazprom and German Wintershall, became the 1st company in Russia to start large-scale development of the difficult-to-access natural gas deposits in the Achimov formation of the Urengoy gas & condensate field.


In the past 15 years of operation Achimgaz has continuously set new records. Today, the cumulated natural gas production has already reached the level of 32 billion m3, while the gas condensate production has totaled 14 million tons.


Currently, 94 production wells are in operation. They are connected via flowlines to the Achimgaz processing plant UKPG-31 and further to the infrastructure of Gazprom.


Ingo Neubert, Deputy Gen. Manager at Achimgaz said: «Achimgaz continued to follow the road of success. Thanks to a recent upgrade of our processing capacities by 26%, in August 2018 our team has reached a new all-time-high of our production with 28 million m3 of gas and 12 thousand tons of condensate each day.»


Achimgaz plans to increase the number of wells to 110 by 2020, which will allow the company to exceed an annual production of 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas and up to 3,5 million tons of gas condensate.

«Achimgaz is not just a local success story in the Wintershall-Gazprom partnership, but an enterprise that grew from drilling pilot wells into a project that has no comparison in the global practice of developing difficult-to-access deposits. The unique technological and management experience gained during the delivery of this project is the expertise of tomorrow, which will pave the way for new opportunities in the Russian-German partnership in the natural gas exploration and production sector» says Wintershall CEO Mario Mehren.



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