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Gazprom leads capex across oil and gas value chain in the FSU

08 November 2018 , 10:10Neftegaz.RU498


Moscow, November 8 - Neftegaz.RU. GlobalData’s latest report states that Gazprom, Rosneft and Novatek are the top spenders among all oil & gas companies in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), in terms of new build capital expenditure (capex) to be spent on planned and announced projects across the oil & gas value chain during 2018–2025. 


Gazprom tops the list with capex of $168.3 bln expected to be spent on 65 oil & gas projects in the FSU. Rosneft and Novatek follow, each with similar capex of $34.6 bln (41 projects) and $34.2 bln (8 projects), respectively.


 In the upstream sector, Gazprom leads among companies with capex of $39.8 bln to be spent on 17 planned and announced production fields in the FSU. Rosneft follows next with $16.9 bln spent on 19 fields and Novatek will be in the 3rd position with $8.5 bln to be spent on 5 fields.


 In the midstream sector, Gazprom leads the trunk pipelines, gas processing, liquefaction terminals, and gas storage segments with new build capex of $62.8 bln, $33.0 bln, $25.9 bln, and $2.6 bln respectively by 2025. In the LNG regasification segment, Alexela Energia leads with $308 mln, while in the liquids storage segment, Naftogaz of Ukraine leads with capex of $167 mln.


 On the downstream side, Rosneft is expected to lead with new build capex of $4.8 bln on the development of 2 crude oil refineries in the FSU by 2025. China National Chemical Corp and Geopars follow with capex of $2.3 bln and $2 bln, respectively.


 In the petrochemicals sector, Gazprom is expected to lead with capex of $3.7 bln to be spent on 4 upcoming petrochemical plants, followed by Rosneft with $3.3 bln expected to be spent on 8 new projects. Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry is in third position with $2.6 bln expected to be spent on 4 upcoming projects. 


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