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News // Nuclear power

ROSATOM and German companies discussed prospects for business cooperation

26 November 2018 , 10:21Neftegaz.RU413

Berlin, November 26  - Neftegaz.RU. The German Atomic Forum (DAtF) in cooperation with the German Eastern Business Association and ROSATOM held a joint seminar «Future B2B in the Field of Nuclear Energy between Russia and Germany».


The seminar continued the bilateral initiative formalized in the Memorandum on cooperation in the field of nuclear safety and radioactive waste management signed between ROSATOM and the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations in May 2018.  


The parties intend to develop cooperation projects in nuclear technologies application in general industrial and innovative domains with due regard to the current German, Russian and 3rd country nuclear industry trends. The 2-day event featured a number of special workshops where the participants were able to discuss in 3 workshops current issues related to cooperation in the fields of safe operation of nuclear facilities, waste management and and digitalization.


In the discussion participated subsidiaries of ROSATOM (incl. Rosenergoatom, ASE EC, TENEX, Rusatom Energy International, Rosatom Western Europe, as well as NUKEM Technologies – ROSATOM’s subsidiary and the centrepiece for work in Germany and in other countries for backend projects) and the Germany located companies dealing with nuclear energy.


Andrey Rozhdestvin, Regional Vice President of Rosatom Western Europe, presented the activities of Russian nuclear energy industry on the global market and in Germany in particular.


According to him, the Russian nuclear power industry has successfully cooperated with the German industry for many years, including in 3rd countries: for instance, Loviisa NPP, which was commissioned in 1970s in Finland and is equipped with a Russian-designed VVER-type reactor and German I&C systems, is still in operation, its performance indicators being one of the highest in the world.


Ralf Gldner, President of the DAtF, said: «As co-organizer of this event the DAtF is supporting the important cooperation initiative between the German industry and ROSATOM from May 2018 by applying it in practice to the sector of nuclear energy. The seminar offers companies from both sides the mutual opportunity assessing joint potential business projects including third countries. Moreover, the seminar might contribute fostering the bilateral scientific dialogue on further improvement of international standards in safe operation and waste management.»



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