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News // Transportation and storage

In an effort to prevent a gas crisis Pakistan is studying a plan to build UGS

14 January 2019 , 17:22Neftegaz.RU1021

Islamabad, January 14 - Neftegaz.RU. The facilities will be used to store gas that is not immediately marketable, particularly in the summer season when the demand is low. The gas can be delivered to consumers during the high demand periods in the winter months.


The gas stored in these storages could help the government tackle any gas crisis in future. Such facilities have become more important due to changes in natural gas demands and the gas import projects, which Pakistan was working. The government had given commitment to gas supplier countries like Turkmenistan that it would take gas and therefore the country requires storage facilities to store gas in case there are no consumers.


Pakistan had already faced a similar situation in the case of LNG terminals. The capacity of these terminals remained idle due to less demand from the power sector. However, the government paid capacity charges worth multimillion dollars to these terminal operators because the country had no storages. The officials said that the gas storage could also be used as an insurance that may affect either consumption or delivery of natural gas.


The consultant recommended conversion of 2 gas fields ie Khorewah and Bukhari in Sindh to a gas storage reservoir. The estimated capital cost of strategic underground storages has been estimated around $603 million and the estimated useful life is 26 years with the 1st 6 years required to develop the project. The 1st fill and load is estimated at $1.3 billion.


In order to meet the growing energy demands, the government of Pakistan is implementing various gas import projects such as TAPI, Offshore Gas Pipeline Project (OGPP) etc. Currently, the growing energy demands of Pakistan are being met through import of LNG from Qatar and other countries.


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