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Gazprom: Natgas must play key role in Europe’s shift to low-carbon economy

16 January 2019 , 14:07Neftegaz.RU482

Moscow, January 16 - Neftegaz.RU. Natural gas must play a key role in Europe’s shift to a low-carbon economy, Trend quoted Alexander Medvedev, deputy chairman of the management committee, Gazprom, as saying ahead of the European Gas Conference 2019.


«In Gazprom’s view natural gas can and must play a key role in Europe’s shift to a low-carbon economy. Gazprom has presented its vision of how natural gas can contribute to European climate neutrality by 2050. Natural gas can substitute coal in power generation and oil products in transportation. Thus, Europe is able to meet 2020 climate targets,» said Medvedev.


Further, the noted that a new elegant technological solution is introduced with hydrogen. «The use of methane-hydrogen fuel in energy and transport without costly infrastructural changes will result in 25-35%  emissions reduction, thus allowing Europe to achieve 2030 climate goals. Finally, a full-scale transition to hydrogen from methane offers the feasibility of the EU’s challenging 2050 targets,» added Medvedev.


Alexander Medvedev pointed out that there is nearly a consensus view that global transformations will eventually boost the importance of natural gas within the group of fossil fuels as crucial ingredient of the world’s effort to shift toward less-polluting forms of energy.


«IEA in its New Policies Scenario regards natural gas as the fastest growing carbon fuel, overtaking coal by 2040 to become the world’s 2nd-largest source of energy after oil. With demand growing by 1.6 % per year, gas consumption is almost 45 % higher in 2040 than today. Gazprom shares similar views on the future of natural gas», he noted.


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