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Estonia's Paet: By supporting Nord Stream 2, Germany ignores energy independence principle

12 February 2019 , 10:11Neftegaz.RU463

Tallinn, February 12 - Neftegaz.RU. According to the Baltic Times, Member of the European Parliament Urmas Paet, former longtime foreign minister of Estonia, criticized the German government for supporting the construction of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and opined that such action ignores the shared objectives of the European Energy Union aimed at decreasing dependence on external energy traders.


«... Nord Stream 2 would increase Europe's energy dependence on Gazprom gas, which is in direct conflict with the main objective of the Energy Union of the EU - preventing a situation where an excessively large part of the market is dominated by an external trader, whereby the energy security of Europe is weakened,» Paet writes in his blog.


«The construction of Nord Stream 2 and the German government's support to it are in direct conflict with the objectives of the EU Energy Union seeking to decrease dependence on external energy traders. Nord Stream 2 ignores the concerns of several allies of Germany and grants Russia additional strategic opportunities to influence Europe as it increases Europe's energy dependence on Russia,» Paet noted.


He added that 80 % of the gas used in Germany comes from Gazprom and Nord Stream 2 would further decrease Germany's energy self-sufficiency. «From the perspective of increasing security and energy independence in Europe, it is important that the German government change its policy with regard to Nord Stream 2, stop blocking the preparation of the EU Gas Directive and align itself with the EC and the European Parliament»,  Paet said.


«The ones who will gain the most from Nord Stream 2 are the Kremlin, Gazprom and some companies in Europe. The serious risk relating to politics and security, however, will be borne by Germany and other states of the EU. Germany should not prioritize the economic interest of a number of its companies over the interests and values of Europe as a whole. Thus, all that remains is to hope that the German government will reconsider, change course with regard to Nord Stream 2 and commit to strengthening the energy security and self sufficiency of the whole Europe,» Paet said.


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