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19 March 2001 , 09:20331
The Russian consumers paid 100% of the Gasprom`s gas supplies and also had paid off a part of the previous years` debt, having decreased the the total debt to Gasprom to 82 bil rubles, Rem Vyakhirev, president of Gazprom siad. According to him, Gazprom continues the prospecting of the projects of alternative gas supplies to Europe, in particular, the construction of the gas pipeline across the seabed of the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. Vyakhirev said that Gazprom had already had a preliminary agrrement about the participation of the strategic Western partner in this project and is currently carrying out the negotiations with the second major partner. He added Gazprom has the contracts for gas supplies to Europe after 2007 with the volumes of 175-205 bil cubic meters of gas a year.


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