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News // Oil and gas worldwide

Oil Spillage in the Caspian Sea

19 March 2001 , 15:10319
The Khabar Agency reports the Kazakh experts have estimated the sizes of the recent oil spillage from the two wells at the south-Western Tizhgali oil-field on the Caspian coast. Before the wells had been closed, up to 5000 tons of oil gathered in the area of the accident. The oil had frozen into the ice up to 70 km in the shallow water and cannot be removed as yet. In case of the warming the situation may go out of control: the oil spot will begin to spread and will take the remote areas of the sea, where the migration routes of sturgeons and white sturgeons for spawning go. All suggested measures had been found not efficient and the elimination of the accident consequences will take half a year and will cost approximately $20 mln.


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