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Schwarzenegger: New Fuel System Is Not A Dream

21 April 2004 , 08:32639
After a university campus in California, US, was fitted up with a sport utility vehicle propelled by a clean-burning hydrogen engine, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared Tuesday that within six years California will have a statewide network of stations offering the pollution-free fuel.
However, many industry experts consider the governor's plan for 200 hydrogen stations, which would cost an estimated $100 million to be somewhat ambitious. But Schwarzenegger said he believes the technology is available and government must help make the new fuel system a reality.
Schwarzenegger's order calls on state agencies to work with private companies and research coalitions to build the station network. He said he'll support legislation to create tax incentives or public financing proposals if necessary.
Like the Toyota Highlander that Schwarzenegger drove on the Davis campus, a number of auto manufacturers have built special fuel cell test vehicles. Instead of using gasoline, fuel cell cars have engines that rely on the chemical reaction caused when hydrogen and oxygen are mixed.
The reaction produces electricity that powers the vehicle.


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