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RAO UES To Create Wholesale Hydro Generating Company

08 June 2004 , 07:51412
Russian energy monopoly RAO UES plans to create one wholesale generating company on the basis of hydroplants instead of four. The RAO UES?s board will discuss it at the next session of the on June 25.
Instead of four hydro- generating companies it is suggested that only one be created, to incorporate all the hydroelectric plants of the holding. Thus, the total number of wholesale generating companies that will separate themselves from RAO as a result of electric power reform will be reduced from 10 to seven.
RAO UES of Russia provided for its investors a new, accelerated means of creating territorial generating companies (TGCs). Before this year's end, the energy holding suggests passing to generating companies regional plants on terms of lease, and in a year, giving them these assets for ownership. During the electric energy reform, regional power systems will be divided by kinds of business. The largest plants will enter wholesale generating companies, and the remaining generating stations of neighboring regions will be unified into TGCs.


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