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Germany Chancellor To Be Russian Gas Monster Advisor

12 October 2005 , 13:26532
Gerhard Schroeder, Germany's outgoing chancellor, may be offered a post as an advisor to Gazprom, Russian radiostation Ekho Moskvy reported on Monday.

"This matter was discussed during the recent summit in St. Petersburg," Ekho Moskvy quoted the sources as saying.
Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov declined to comment.

But Sergei Suverov, chief strategist at Gazprombank, said that if Schroeder became an adviser to the gas giant, it would be the first time that such a high-ranking politician joined the company.

It would also be an understandable step, Suverov said, especially given Schroeder's close ties to Putin and the German leader's recent blessing of a 4 billion euro ($4.85 billion) gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea to Germany.


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