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Belarus To Raise Transit Fees For Russian Oil

07 February 2007 , 15:00703
Belarus will raise transit fees for Russian oil by around 30 percent this month, the government said Monday, announcing what appeared to be an effort to compensate for potential profits lost during recent disputes with Moscow over energy prices and supplies.

As of Feb. 15, oil transit tariffs will range from $1.29 (1 euro) to $3.50 (2.71 euros) per metric ton for every 100 kilometers (62 miles), up from a range of $0.41 (0.32 euros) to $0.60 (0.46 euros), the Economics Ministry said. The existing rates have stood since they were set by the two governments in 1995.

There have been bitter disputes that resulted in a sharp increase last month of the price Belarus pays for Russian natural gas and a decrease in the profits it can expect from the sale of oil products made in Belarus with Russian crude.

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