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Russia Oil Freighter Sank, Three Dead, Oil Spilled

12 November 2007 , 09:11644
Rescuers on Monday recovered the bodies of three sailors of a Russian freighter that sank near the Black Sea.

The Nakhichevan was one of two freighters that broke up as 18-foot waves battered ships throughout the region surrounding the Strait of Kerch, a narrow strait linking the Black Sea and the smaller Sea of Azov.

According to the environmental officials, the damage from an oil tanker spill could be the worst environmental disaster in the region in years.

Nakhichevan and the other freighter together were carrying about 6,500 metric tons (7,150 U.S. tons) of sulfur, which also spilled into the waters. Experts were trying to determine if there could be any long-term damage.

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