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Autoworkers: Bush To Blame For Gas Prices

03 June 2001 , 15:55564
Some local autoworkers are blaming the rising price of gasoline on President Bush .
On Wednesday, they weren't shy about pointing fingers at the White House. They say the president's association with the big oil companies has not only caused prices to soar, but has also put their jobs in jeopardy.

It stands to reason, KMBC's Micheal Mahoney said. If people can't afford gasoline, they're not likely to buy new cars. If they're not buying new cars, there isn't a need for autoworkers.

"There's a snowball effect here with these prices," said local autoworker Dan Nicholson, who took time to protest Wednesday at the federal courthouse in Kansas City. "They're hurting the farm, the small businessman, everybody across the board."

Nicholson told KMBC that the solution is simple: It's time to put some safety nets in place to ensure that gas prices are regulated.

"Prices have to come down," he said. "How about price controls? I'm not sure, but we have to work together."

A similar rally was held Wednesday in St. Louis. Missouri Gov. Bob Holden was there to protest the high cost of energy. He said it's time for the Bush administration to "show some leadership" with regard to controlling the high price of energy.

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