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News // Middle East and OPEC

Iran Prepares Project To Increase Gasoline Output

06 August 2010 , 13:17Oil and Gaz Eurasia2038


Iran is preparing to increase the volume of gasoline it produces by 60 million liters a year, deputy Iranian Oil Minister Abdolhosein Bayat said.
Specifically, Bayat said the additional volume would be made at petrochemicals plants when emergency needs arose. This is currently possible at the petrochemical plants in Imam Homeini port, Abu Ali ibn-Sina in Mehisher, and Barzuye in Asalu which specialise in producing aromatic hydrocarbon compounds, the Oil and Gas Information Agency reports.
The project to increase gasoline output at the plants listed above is only to be put into operation in emergencies.
Bayat noted that it was far more expensive to produce gasoline at petrochemical plants than it was to import the fuel. He said the objective of the project is to reduce Iran's reliance on gasoline imports in times of emergency as thus thwart "Western "plans". 

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