USD ЦБ — 62,39 -0,44
EUR ЦБ — 68,68 -0,55
Brent — 59,63 -0,08%
January, Wednesday

Question of the week // Archive of polls

Will the USA launch a war against Iran?

Implying on Yukos case, president Putin warned tax authorities: "Tax authorities have no right to terrorize businesses by revisiting the same problems time and again." Do you believe that he will really take measures?

Feb, 2nd. Yukos CEO Steven Theede: "Yukos's finishing its strategic rehabilitation plan development. We need governmental understanding and support". Will the Russian government help Yukos to revive?

Will the price for crude oil hit $60 level to the year end?

Will the retirement of YUKOS chairman Viktor Gerashchenko save the company?

Will OPEC's boosting output help to bringdown the oil price

Do you think that the US Federal Reserves System rates will be marked up on the FOMC Meeting on May, 4?

Has the US Become an Imperialist Power?

Will Chavez Lose Control Over Venezuela?

Will the Khodorkovsky's team lose control over Yukos?

Are you interested in participating in our internet conference with the following theme: "The role of universities in the development of the international oil and gas sector"

What's your opinion on Yukos-Sibneft merge?

Nationalization of depth in Russia: Is it necessary?

Will Russia be able to control the level of world petroleum prices by reserving its own stocks?

Do anti-globalist pose a threat to G8 Summit?

What would be a long-time impact of Iraqi Oil Cut?

Who will win "The Steel War"?

Why have Russian authorities banned "American Chickens"?

Will Russia restrict oil supply?

What should Russia do to avoid Energy Crisis?

Will the States attack Iran?

The main reason for Enron bancruptcy is:

American goals in Tadzhikistan?

You will save your funds in

The war in Afganistan- who benefit?

What Euro/USD cross rate should be expected in 2002?

Will Russia decrease oil export?