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Persian Gulf Countries Seek Credit For New Infrastructure Projects

The countries of the Persian Gulf are turning to Western banks such as Citigroup and HSBC Holdings and other lenders to finance more than ten billion dollars of projects and acquisitions this year as their traditional source of income, oil revenue, begins to wane after three decades of plentiful supply.


Russia-German Pipeline May Break Europe’s Energy Union

In March, nine Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) European Union member states sent a letter to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker objecting to the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.


The (German) Politics of Nord Stream 2

An unlikely coalition is emerging in Germany between Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats and the opposition Greens. Increasingly, leading members of both parties want to stop the construction of a second pipeline that will transport gas directly from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea.


Analyses: No fines for Gazprom’s monopolistic practices in Central Europe?

On 13 March, after 5 years of antitrust proceedings against Gazprom, the EU's commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager announced that the European Commission was ready to settle the case.


Russia eyes rapid Middle East energy expansion

Iran, Iraq and possibly even Syria will become the new hub of Russian oil-related investments.


Does Russia really need the OPEC deal?

OPEC and Russia are coordinating the 1st joint OPEC/non-OPEC deal to curb oil output since 2001, but the apparent unity in the face of lower-for-longer oil prices doesn't disguise the fact that the cartel and Russia have separate agendas for production, expansion, and global market shares.


Is Russia’s Middle East endgame trouble for global energy markets?

Moscow is slowly becoming the Middle East's, and by extension the global energy industries', power broker for the 21st century.


New era of Russia-Mozambique relations

Mozambique plans to sign an agreement with Rosneft on gas field exploration in the north of the country by the end of 2018.


Vietnam’s oil production to drop 10% annually by 2025

 Depleting mature fields and lack of exploration & investment will result oil production declining until 2025.


Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Italy show political will for EastMed gas pipe

The pipe still needs to secure buyers in Europe for its gas and companies prepared to invest in it.


Russian LNG is about to transform European gas markets

Russia has long been established as a crucial component of most European gas import portfolios.


Global Oil Exploration Nears $1 Trillion - Where Are The Finds?

Two years ago Total's chief Christophe de Margerie launched a "high risk, high reward" oil exploration strategy, betting he could hit a bonanza, even though his rivals had failed to make big discoveries.


Lured by Cheap Coal, Southeast Asia Turns Away from Gas

SINGAPORE, Dec 9 (Reuters) - Southeast Asia's power sector will tilt away from gas to use more coal by the end of this decade, chipping away at demand for liquefied natural gas as the region of more than 600 million people tries to cut costs to meet soaring electricity needs.


The "Blue stream"

1240-kilometer trans-Black sea gas pipeline Russia - Turkey known as the "the Blue stream" project, is put into operation. The gas pipeline has started operation on the eve of December 29. Its capacity is designed for annual delivery to Turkey of 16 billion cubic meters of Russian gas.


BP and TNK - A New Era In Russia

On Friday, British Petrol, together with the Russian Alfa Group and Access-Renova (AAR) finalized the largest transaction in Russian corporate history by combining the Russian assets oil assets of BP and AAR in order to create a new oil and gas giant.


Russia on the Path to 'Petrostate' Status?

RUSSIA'S future will be defined as much by geology as by ideology -- while leaders can pick their ideology, they don't have much of a choice when it comes to geology. Russia has a lot of oil, and this inescapable geological fact will determine many of the policy choices available to it.


Fed grants put jolt in electric cars

Without juice, electric cars can't run. And no matter how environmentally sound they may be, without charging stations, people won't buy them.


Rise of electric VEHICLES

There’ s something about electric vehicles. They don’ t use gasoline or diesel and therefore don’ t pollute the air. They run without noise and are cost-efficient. If Filipinos are educated…


Kazakhstan: the new “Great Game” in Central Asia

In the whole 19th century, Central Asia was in the heart of a complex geostrategic game which saw strong rivalries and conflicts between the British and the Russian Empires for supremacy in Central Asia.


the Inuvik Conference ended with hope for a Mackenzie Pipeline announcement this summer

Tune in TODAY for a webcast of the Arctic Imperative Conference organized by Alaska Dispatch Alice RogoffPublisher Alice Rogoff (Photo), featuring Arctic political and thought leaders including: Iceland's President Ólafur Ragnar GrÍmsson, Alaska Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell, former governors Frank Murkowski, and Bill Sheffield, U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich, and many other luminaries.