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Oil Fluctuates on U.S. Crude Supplies; Brent Spread Gains

Oil advanced in New York amid concern that escalating tensions between Syria and Turkey may disrupt supplies from the Middle East. Brent's premium to West Texas Intermediate crude widened to the most in almost a year.


Ukraine – Oil and Gas potential is large – A market for minor and medium sized oil and gas companies to explore and produce?

Ukraine represent a market for minor to medium sized oil and gas companies as no major international player has made permanent presence there yet in the exploration or production phase


Clean Energy 101: Can fossil fuels become clean energy?

Can fossil fuels become clean energy?


Global oil and gas transactions review 2008

During 2008, oil and gas M&A activity levels and transaction values were principally impacted by three factors instability in inancial markets, volatility in oil prices and a weakening global economy. In the high oil price environment of the irst six months of the year, oil and gas M&A activity was buoyant with 670 deals announced with a combined value of US$90b.


Iraq turns over a new leaf in its petroleum history

During the three-day working visit to Moscow, Iraqi Oil Minister Hussein Al-Shahrastani made it clear that Russia wouldn’t get special conditions in the country’s hydrocarbon market anymore. When the new law on oil and gas in Iraq come into force, all intending operators will be able to participate in tenders for development of oil deposits on equal terms.


Japan?s choice is the Russian petroleum

Japan is going to buy up to 1 million barrels a day of Russian petroleum. Questions on deliveries to Japan of the Russian petroleum in volume, almost two hundred times exceeding the present, will be discussed within the framework of the visit to Moscow of the Prime Minister of Japan Dzunitiro Koidzumi.


Geologists are seeking for oil in the earth?s crust foundation

The world?s science is on its way to the sensational discovery. In spite of disputable opinion that oil is of exclusively organic origin (i.e. is generated out of terrestrial vegetation) there is an idea about its crystalline nature. A number of scientists consider that hydrocarbons are originated in the earth?s crust foundations and which then rise to surface layers. For an average man it means that the earth?s interior could be almost inexhaustible. Such a hypothesis shall be a matter of discussion at an international conference which will be held over 6-8 of September in the exhibition complex ?Kazanskaya Yarmarka?.


LNG market to reach $19.73 billion by 2026

Worldwide LNG capacity has increased by 50 % from 2015 to 2020.


Vietnam and Russia expand joint South China Sea gas projects

Vietnam and Russia are working closely together on gas projects in the South China Sea.


Russia isn’t interested in joining new OPEC-led oil output cuts

 Russia prefers to stay out of any fresh oil production cuts led by OPEC’s leader Saudi Arabia.


Bulgaria must do more to liberalise its energy markets

In 2017, the EC received a complaint from ClientEarth that Bulgaria handed 1.3 billionin illegal aid to coal-fired and power plants.


EU rules on gas pipelines could favor future LNG supplies

Regulatory uncertainty in the EU regarding gas pipelines could lead to a dearth of new projects in the future.


Caspian deal could change Europe’s energy landscape

One of the regions in the world that does not receive as much attention as it probably should is the Caspian Sea.


Trump’s tariffs on EU are great news for Russia

The trade relations between the U.S. and the EU took a turn for the worse, after Trump imposed steel and aluminum tariffs.


New era of Russia-Mozambique relations

Mozambique plans to sign an agreement with Rosneft on gas field exploration in the north of the country by the end of 2018.


The 6 factors driving oil markets in 2018

Uncertainty appears to have returned to oil markets of late, with a cluster of factors battling for influence over prices.


Experts: Tashkent looking closely to Transcaucasia

Developing its activity in the Central Asian region, Uzbekistan is beginning to enter the South Caucasus.


Tajikistan’s newest hydropower project

The 1st turbines at Roghun hydropower plant are set to go into operation on November 16 - in tribute to President Emomali Rahmon.


Russia and China grow closer as the new Silk Road unfolds

China's Belt and Road Initiative heralds a new era with mega infrastructure projects dotting the landscape.


U.S. LNG faces headwinds in Asian markets

Russia may have beaten the United States to the punch when it comes to tapping into growing Chinese demand.