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Mega Gas Projects to Boost Indonesia E&P on Regulatory Overhaul

With at least two mega gas or liquefied natural gas projects on the horizon, Indonesia could well buck the trend of reduced oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) in Southeast Asia if the country's regulations were revised in support its upstream sector.


China, Indonesia to Join Exxon at Giant Iraqi Oilfield

China and Indonesia are set to join Exxon Mobil's $50 billion project to develop Iraq's West Qurna-1 oilfield, company and industry sources said on Thursday.


Interview with Fahmy H. Al-Musharfy, Planning and Economics manager, Daleel Petroleum L.L.C.)

Fahmy H. Al - Musharfy: We have our own ecological system developed. In that system there is a component for environmental management as we have to work in compliance with environmental law. Environmental regulations are controlled by the Ministry of Environment. So we are in touch with the Ministry.


Fuad Al-Ansari (Takreer) Information Technology Dept. Manager Business Support Division Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company TAKREER

Fuad Al-Ansari: It is Abu-Dhabi-based oil refining company. We produce oil and gas and have offshore oil refining and gas processing. So I can say that our company realizes the whole process from the oil and gas extraction to the processing and refining. Our company Takreer has 2 refineries: one outside Abu-Dhabi and the second in the western region 550 km away. By the way, 'Takreer' is the Arabian for "refining".


Igor Timofeev General Director Izhora Plants

Igor Timofeev General Director Izhora Plants


Anil Chandramani Chief Investment Officer, IFC

- Please describe your company briefly?
IFC helps companies strengthen their risk management capabilities so they can grow and compete globally


Kenyan Oil, Hot and Getting Hotter: Interview with Taipan's Maxwell Birley

Kenya has become the hottest oil and gas venue in East Africa since big discoveries were made in the country's virgin oilfields last April. All eyes are on Kenya in 2013 to see how quickly--and economically they can develop those discoveries into production.


Russian Gas Exports to Asia to Increase as Europe Plays Hardball

European resistance to oil-linked gas prices will drive Russia to seek Asian export partners, predicts a new report by international business intelligence firm GlobalData.


To boldly go to the Barents

A popular Russian saying goes, "He who does not take risks does not get to drink champagne." In the case of the Shtokman gas field, the saying may be amended to, "He who does not take risks does not stand to make a fortune at the world's biggest natural gas reservoir."


Head of the Energy and Gas Directorate Anton Gladchenko tells about APG utilisation

Head of the Energy and Gas Directorate Anton Gladchenko tells about APG utilisation


$200 Oil and the Moscow-Beijing Alliance

An exclusive conversation with Nouriel Roubini and Ian Bremmer on the toll of war with Iran -- and why China and Russia just don't care anymore what the United States thinks of them.


Gulfsands keeps up Syrian exploration

Gulfsands Petroleum has weathered the recent sanctions against the Syrian to make an important discovery in the country.


Norwegian Oil Production through 35 Years

Twenty billion barrels of oil have been pumped up from the Norwegian continental shelf since production started in June 1971. It all began at the Ekofisk field, which in 2006 is Norway's most productive oil and gas field and a national cultural heritage monument.


Oil and the Iranian-Saudi "Cold War"

One of last month's most interesting developments in Persian Gulf power politics played out not in the Middle East, but in Vienna, Paris, and Washington.


The difficult path of the EU-Russian partnership

Since the collapse of the USSR the relationship between Russia and the European Union (EU) has evolved in various phases mainly based on global securities issues, economic trade and energetic questions.


Russia-USA: a question of people's perspective

Many Russians, including those within the political establishment, are fairly convinced that Russia and the US are very much alike and, in fact, are two sides of the same coin.


Kazakhstan: the new “Great Game” in Central Asia

In the whole 19th century, Central Asia was in the heart of a complex geostrategic game which saw strong rivalries and conflicts between the British and the Russian Empires for supremacy in Central Asia.


Strategic investments opportunities in case of oil peak

Earlier this week, British company Desire PLC began drilling in an offshore block of theFalkland Islands. Immediately, Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner let loose with a howl of rage, and the Summit of Latin American and Caribbean Unity issued a protest against the British company's drilling operations.


Warrent Buffett Offshore oil advices

Commodities, particularly crude, were trending down last week after China's Central Bank raised bank reserve requirements boosting the US dollar against other major currencies...


Is a ‘Gas OPEC’ More Trouble Than It Is Worth?

Talks of an OPEC-style gas cartel are nothing new. The idea has existed in some form since at least as far back as 1980, when a group of exporters - including OPEC members like Algeria, as well as Mexico and the Netherlands - sought to charge consumers a higher price for their product as oil prices spiralled.