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January, Friday

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Trends In International Markets, 15 August

Oil prices consolidated and closed lower this week after the surge at the beginning of August. Sabotage acts, a pipeline fire and power shortages in the south of Iraq have not been able to...


Caspian Sea Region: Pros and Cons

The Caspian Sea region, including the Sea and the littoral states surrounding it, is important to world energy markets because it holds large reserves of undeveloped oil and natural gas. The Caspian Sea's mineral wealth has resulted in disagreements between the five countries over ownership of the resources, and the region's huge energy potential has sparked fierce competition--between producers as well as consumers--over the final export routes for this oil and natural gas.


Russian Oil Companies To Be Number One

Strong oil prices pushed oil & gas companies into the majority of the share-price winner spots for the first quarter of 2002. Russian energy companies remained among the leaders, continuing last year?s trend