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Science // Economy

Has Petroleum Production Peaked, Ending the Era of Easy Oil?

Еasily extracted oil peaked in 2005. Now it suggests that dirtier fossil fuels will be burned and energy prices will rise

27 December 2012 , 17:55David BuelloNeftegaz.RU23810

Automated system of early diagnostics of pipeline small leakage.

24 March 2009 , 11:59Institute of Oil Chemistry33270

Alternative fuel sources - a perspective way of energy-saving

06 November 2008 , 09:39Nasyrova L.A. , Jagafarova G.G., Shaimova A.M., Faskhutdinov R.R. The Ufa State Petroleum Technological University25260

Fabrication system hazard detection in oil and gas processing plants

06 November 2008 , 09:39A.V. Solodovnikov, R.R. Tlyasheva 47940

The system analysis in tasks aimed at minimization of geoecological risks at complex gas main pipelines

06 November 2008 , 09:39Каzаk А.S., Samsonov R.О. VNIIGAZ/GAZPROM e-mail: 22730

Think three times

06 November 2008 , 09:39Source: Oilgas vertical18980

One complex landscape-ecological approach to the development of use

11 December 2007 , 12:22V.A. ZAGORULKO, D.A. DEMIDKO, A.V. KHON, N.N. CHEREDKO, BASHUROV S.G.41620

Skimmers to clean oil spills from the sea surface

22 January 2002 , 15:42Home of Rudenko Products, Inc.17310