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Science // Equipment

Halliburton sets record for successful sleeve performance after 32 months downhole

30 January 2017 , 00:05Neftegaz.RU854

Halliburton announced that 2 of its RapidStart Initiator CT (casing test) sleeves opened after 32 months downhole. 32 months is an industry record for the successful operation of a toe sleeve.

Halliburton customer Murphy E&P needed to perform a true casing integrity test, and also wanted to eliminate operational inefficiencies.
They deployed the RapidStart Initiator CT frac sleeve system as an interventionless means of establishing a flow path at the toe of the well.

Both sleeves opened successfully after 32 months downhole in 2 separate wells of over 7,000 ft, with static bottomhole temperatures up to 215°F.
The sleeves also were functional at a total pressure of 10,000 psi, and provided a 30-min. casing integrity test.

«Typically, operators activate toe or frac sleeves installed in the well after 4 months, but in a depressed market, operators have waited 2 or 3 years for wells to be completed,» said Artie Burke, V.P. of the Halliburton Completion Tools business line. «The concern with using frac sleeves in completion designs for drilled and uncompleted (DUC) wells was the possibility that the sleeves might not open successfully after a prolonged time downhole. The performance of our RapidStart Initiator CT sleeves gave this operator the confidence to manage the risks associated with completing wells after an extended timeframe.»